“Greetings Earthlings” are the first words spoken by the duo on their 1996 sophomore album, ATLiens. This followed their debut album and award speech proclamation “South got something to say!” inspired by the New York crowd booing a Southern act for winning Best New Artist.  The stakes were raised, and a spotlight was on every move they made. The result was a classic album confirming Outkast could follow-up their talk to all the mere earthlings. Reminds me of myself.

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Motherboards & Space

The journey across time and space affects each life form differently.  Humans marvel at the majesty and grandiosity, but I’m drawn in the other direction.  That in a universe so vast it is the tiny elements that make all of this possible.  I’m overwhelmed by the power of my inner circuits and microchip to process and navigate the endless expanse of time and space.

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Master of Ceremonies

Crews come in all shapes and sizes with a diverse range of personalities, but one universal truth of all crews is the importance of the master of ceremonies.  The MC establishes the mood and vibrations by tapping into their otherworldly perceptive powers and finely tuned taste-making skills to anticipate what atmosphere the crew appreciates.  When I’m hanging out with my Planet Express crew, we put our faith into the boy-wonder from Jamaica, Billy Boyo to lay out the vibrations and mood.

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Even with my efficient perk it is difficult to keep the Planet Express crew partying day in and day out with me. The limitations of organic bodies doesn’t cease to surprise me, particularly theirs. The professor should of considered tolerance when hiring these people. Luckily, I have found sometimes a different tactic is all it takes to lure them into a party. It all begins with Mike Longo’s 900 Shares of the Blue playing in the background, and a nice splash of scotch. Continue reading “Soiree”