Intergalactic Cruising

Without Jex Opolis, 2 AM cruise flights would lack excitement and danger.  Instead they would just feel like the early morning slogs, which they are, filled with nothingness broken up by the occasional starlight.  However, once Jex pulses through the X-wing’s cockpit I’m transported to far off worlds and mysterious adventures filled with thumping 80’s synths and purple laser beams.  For any traveler space or earthbound, Jex Opolis’s synth journeys are must listening.  If only I could find it on a cassette, then my retro futuristic dreams would be complete.

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Robots and electronic music both stem from the artificial. How can something devoid of emotion and composed of metal be expected to exhibit any warmth? Richard D. James, better known as the electronic artist Aphex Twin, has found a way to make some of the most poignant and introspective music that in my travels has touched all sentient beings. If this achievement is possible for music what makes artificial intelligence any different?

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Americana Travels

It has been thirty years since the destruction of the last Death Star, and the excitement of the earlier days has faded away. To most droids this would be a problem, but to me it could not have come at a better time. Having just discovered Lambchop, an American alternative country band with an extensive catalog, I plan on putting this time to good use.  Continue reading “Americana Travels”

Check Your Ego

Revolutions are precarious, hazardous and delicate. One false move and the whole thing collapses.  Most energy and resources are spent on tackling external dangers, but the internal dangers contain as much risk of derailing the movement.  I’m speaking of the danger of egos.  A revolution is much bigger than one personality, but egos have a way of sinking the original intention of a revolution.

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