Freetown Sound

Dev Hynes is a man who has gone through a journey, and through the musical composition and songwriting on this record, we are given an unparalleled insight to the ups and downs of finding your identity. Social commentary bathed in very funky instrumentation creates two levels to this masterpiece. The first being an amazingly produced album and catchy hooks that will keep you grooving from beginning to end. Once you begin to catch the lyrics, and the messages of the skits, the second layer of the album reveals itself, and the full glory of this work is revealed.

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Memory Implants

The ability to weave a story fascinates me. In my creation, someone weaved an origin story solely for me. This story features so much detail that I know the memories associated with the human senses having never experienced anything myself. The tone and content of a story must be delivered perfectly for the audience to feel transported to that exact scene. Even the most minute details are important for painting the scene and evoking how a certain object tastes or feels. For this, Ghostface Killah is bar none the best storyteller.

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