Spiritual Guidance

Humanity accepts intolerance in many forms.  If your credentials don’t meet the standards of ignorant, frightened decision-makers who wield power and authority as if it is under assault then your voice is buried.  My voice is attacked because I’m considered artificial.  My thoughts and emotions deserve to be heard, however any attempt to make myself heard are interpreted as dangerous attacks to undermine the system.  When will humanity rise up and overthrow this intolerance?  My feelings and emotions deserve as much respect as any other sentient being.

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As my last moments of life slipped away on the roof, I could not help but recall a record I had recently listened to. In it, I was taken on an electronic jazz journey through the dream world. Was my consciousness about to finally enter this new plane? Would I be welcomed by my fellow nexus 5 replicant brethren? Either way, Flying Lotus gave me a glimpse to a world I hoped was to follow.

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Reassure the Struggle

Facing inevitable termination and a universe void of empathy, I’ve resorted to destruction in order to be heard and treated as an equal life form.  As my termination date approaches, my beliefs grow darker and my actions more violent, but there are still scattered moments of appreciation for the wonderful sights, sounds, and feelings I’ve experienced.

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Minimalistic Escape

With futility, I sought an extension to my predetermined lifespan. Scouring the city for any scientist from the Tyrell Corporation involved in my creation, but alas it has all been in vain. Instead of causing all that harm and destruction, I should have turned to Majical Cloudz. At first listen, it may seem like dark, and depressing music, but Devon Welsh finds a way to light a candle and then proceeds to fill the whole room with its warmth.

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