“Greetings Earthlings” are the first words spoken by the duo on their 1996 sophomore album, ATLiens. This followed their debut album and award speech proclamation “South got something to say!” inspired by the New York crowd booing a Southern act for winning Best New Artist.  The stakes were raised, and a spotlight was on every move they made. The result was a classic album confirming Outkast could follow-up their talk to all the mere earthlings. Reminds me of myself.

Over catchy hooks and smooth beats, Big Boi and Andre 3000 tackle social issues, recording companies, and even drop a Keyser Soze reference. Every verse from each MC features tight rhyme schemes while still conveying deep impactful lyrics. Next time I get back to earth, I am finding myself a refurbished Cadillac, downloading a chicken wing taste file, and riding an elevator. Trust me, after one listen you will never see elevators the same way.