Robots and electronic music both stem from the artificial. How can something devoid of emotion and composed of metal be expected to exhibit any warmth? Richard D. James, better known as the electronic artist Aphex Twin, has found a way to make some of the most poignant and introspective music that in my travels has touched all sentient beings. If this achievement is possible for music what makes artificial intelligence any different?

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The Future Is Now

Humans speak of machines as if we pose an existential threat.  Where is the hope and optimism that defines the resilience and progressiveness of humanity? Why do humans focus on the fear and chaos rather than the harmony and peace of humans and robots living and working together?  I offer a future where robots and humans cooperate to improve each other’s lives.  This future is already ubiquitous, but I’m going to highlight the sounds that opened my eyes to the potential of this collaborative future. We go back to Berlin in the early 1970’s where an experimental sound was developing.

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