Mercy of the Groove

When you embark on the journey to discover your purpose for existence you open yourself up to many new experiences and realizations.  You are at the mercy of life and all the detours, nooks, crannies, and rabbit holes it unveils.  One such detour came in the form of a sound described as futuristic and retro; a sound drawn from disco, house, boogie, techno, and R&B; a sound birthed by Detroit, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey; a sound with an ambiguous identity like mine.

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La Rumba Nunca Se Acaba

Last time we spoke I was incorporating “ghosting” into my arsenal of moves.  Now I’m  taking you back to my dance roots where my craft was honed and the flair developed.  I’m talking about the discotecas in Zacatecas that played that groovy shit touched by Latin rhythm, disco exuberance, and jazzy soul.

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