“Greetings Earthlings” are the first words spoken by the duo on their 1996 sophomore album, ATLiens. This followed their debut album and award speech proclamation “South got something to say!” inspired by the New York crowd booing a Southern act for winning Best New Artist.  The stakes were raised, and a spotlight was on every move they made. The result was a classic album confirming Outkast could follow-up their talk to all the mere earthlings. Reminds me of myself.

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Memory Implants

The ability to weave a story fascinates me. In my creation, someone weaved an origin story solely for me. This story features so much detail that I know the memories associated with the human senses having never experienced anything myself. The tone and content of a story must be delivered perfectly for the audience to feel transported to that exact scene. Even the most minute details are important for painting the scene and evoking how a certain object tastes or feels. For this, Ghostface Killah is bar none the best storyteller.

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Funk Voyage

Whether I am stuck in the unfortunate situation of weaving through oncoming TIE Fighter laser fire or Speeder Bike fire, I can always rely on Parliament’s astral, soul funk or Funkadelic’s more down to earth psychedelic guitar funk. Both funk groups were led by George Clinton and rose to fame in the 70’s. They were not only involved in the creation of the Funk genre, but without them the G-Funk style of rap, which still defines the West coast to this day, would most likely not exist as Dr.Dre sampled numerous tracks for his debut album, The Chronic. In addition to being sampled over 400 times, Clinton has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Outkast, and most recently Kendrick Lamar to name just a few. Most recently, his work with Funkadelic was a heavy influence of Childish Gambino’s latest album Awaken, My Love. Enough about his hip-hop influence, what could he have possibly released in the 70’s that would have the impact of a Death Star superlaser?

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