Freetown Sound

Dev Hynes is a man who has gone through a journey, and through the musical composition and songwriting on this record, we are given an unparalleled insight to the ups and downs of finding your identity. Social commentary bathed in very funky instrumentation creates two levels to this masterpiece. The first being an amazingly produced album and catchy hooks that will keep you grooving from beginning to end. Once you begin to catch the lyrics, and the messages of the skits, the second layer of the album reveals itself, and the full glory of this work is revealed.

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Spiritual Submersion

Suspended in water, I find a mixture of emotions impossible to find elsewhere. It must be the fact that any slight equipment error would lead to my death. Although being such a technological feat, and possessing superhuman abilities, there are still situations in this world where I am powerless. In these settings is where I find the brief moments of being truly alive. For those moments that I cannot make it out to the ocean, I find the R&B duo Rhye capable enough to hold me over.

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Mercy of the Groove

When you embark on the journey to discover your purpose for existence you open yourself up to many new experiences and realizations.  You are at the mercy of life and all the detours, nooks, crannies, and rabbit holes it unveils.  One such detour came in the form of a sound described as futuristic and retro; a sound drawn from disco, house, boogie, techno, and R&B; a sound birthed by Detroit, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey; a sound with an ambiguous identity like mine.

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The constant search for answers. Am I merely an android or something more? Are my memories my own or am I just the next product off the assembly line? Is my soul unique? I haven’t sorted it all out yet, but I’ll tell you this: Whether I am unique or not, there is definitely a heavy dose of Soul in that formula. Continue reading “Soul”